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February 6, 2011:

Now with 6 games completed, here are the updated standings: February Standings


November 17, 2010:

The second event has come to it's conclusion and a new cup leader has emerged! Along with kicking ass and taking names in the MLB challenge, Jared Dykstra shot up the EPL and College football picks to find himself with a comfortable lead. Here are the latest standings: November Standings

Keep making those football picks as the pick em groups are changing quite a bit week to week. The next event to fill out something will be the bowl competition, which will probably be available in about 3 weeks. I'll let you know when those need to be completed by once the competition is open for entries.


October 6, 2010:

Great job getting your entries in on time! Very few people required a reminder and the only person that was late is dealing with an injury at the moment. If you want to compare and view all the picks for the baseball playoffs, they can be seen here:

Also, the overall standings were once again updated and the gap at the top has closed a little bit. Check out the latest standings here.


September 21, 2010:

The overall standings were updated today based on the current results for the NFL pick em, NCAA pick em, and the Premier League Standings. Check them out here.

On Sunday, October 3rd, the MLB regular season will come to an end. On that day, I will send out a bracket for the playoffs. For each series in the bracket, be sure to pick both the winner and the number of games it will last. The playoffs start with a day game on Wednesday (Oct 6th), so be sure to have your bracket to me by the START of the opening game. If it is late, it will be punished according the the rules listed on the game page.

Good Luck!


September 8, 2010:

One player was removed from the league as they are unable to put in the time. The competition now consists of 15 people.


September 6, 2010:

The standings page now includes the week 1 results for the College Football pick'em.

Sidenote - I hate that there were 4 people that failed to get their picks in for week 1, but really annoyed by those that have not even joined the game yet. So make sure you make your picks for next week, especially if you went scoreless in week 1. The point totals are listed on the game's page, here.

Also, make sure to get into the Pro game ASAP as it starts on Thursday. The game is located HERE.

Good luck everyone.


August 29, 2010:

The current standings for the English Premier League are now posted - I'll update the scores every few weeks during the season, so pay attention to the date of the listed standings, as it might be a week or two old: Click Here.

The following groups are there to be joined now -

College Football pick'em: College

Pro Football pick'em: Pro

Make sure to get into those groups prior to the start of the seasons.


July 11, 2010:

The opening event is in the books and the final standings ended this way:


1) M. Pietrangelo (102 pts)

2) T. Minbiole (96 pts)

3) P. Fahey (91 pts)

4) J. Dykstra (86 pts)

5) S. Scheffler (71 pts)

6) R. Kaschalk (48 pts - Ahead on Tiebreaker)

7) S. Pietrangelo (48 pts - Behind on Tiebreaker)

8) D. Werder (47 pts)

9) M. McBride (46 pts - Even with Tiebreaker)

9) G. Jorgensen (46 pts - Even with Tiebreaker)

11) A. Kaschalk (45 pts)

12) D. Pietrangelo (39 pts)

13) M. Martin (37 pts)

14) J. McBride (30 pts)

15) A. Kleinke (Not Completed)


Next month the English Premier League season will be starting (August 14th), so be sure to submit your standings prior to then.


June 29, 2010:

Heading into the quarters, the standings now look like this:

1) S. Pietrangelo (40 pts)

1) R. Kaschalk (40 pts)

1) T. Minbiole (40 pts)

4) S. Scheffler (39 pts)

4) D. Werder (39 pts)

6) M. Pietrangelo (38 pts)

6) G. Jorgensen (38 pts)

8) A. Kaschalk (37 pts)

9) P. Fahey (35 pts)

10) D. Pietrangelo (31 pts)

11) J. McBride (30 pts)

11) J. Dykstra (30 pts)

11) M. McBride (30 pts)

14) M. Martin (29 pts)

15) A. Kleinke (Not Completed)

Dave P and Greg J both had rough Rounds of 16 while Matt P and Andrew K made up some ground on the rest of the field. With powerhouses Brazil, Spain, and Germany all still alive in the tournament, a lot is left to be decided in the next few weeks. While Spain has it easy with Paraguay, Brazil and Germany have difficult matchups in their path to the semis.

Side note - If you aren't into soccer very much, I would recommend catching the Brazil vs Netherlands game on Friday (DVR or something if you have to work during it). It might just be the best game of the entire tournament. Seriously.


June 25, 2010:

The group stage of the World Cup competition is now completed and the standings are as follows:

1) G. Jorgensen (22 pts)

2) S. Pietrangelo (20 pts)

2) R. Kaschalk (20 pts)

2) T. Minbiole (20 pts)

5) P. Fahey (19 pts)

5) S. Scheffler (19 pts)

5) D. Pietrangelo (19 pts)

5) D. Werder (19 pts)

9) M. Pietrangelo (18 pts)

9) J. Dykstra (18 pts)

9) J. McBride (18 pts)

12) M. Martin (17 pts)

12) A. Kaschalk (17 pts)

14) M. McBride (16 pts)

15) A. Kleinke (Not Completed)

A lot can still change (well, for everyone but Alan) over the next few weeks. Remember, every point counts, because your UC Cup points will be determined from your exact standings position...so keep an eye on things even if you are eliminated from finishing first place. Good luck...and go USA, time to kick some African ass!!!


June 12, 2010:

We are off and running. So far we have had two groups play their opening games. Group A saw two ties...therefore the group remains totally wide open. Group B had Argentina and South Korea winning, so they are the favorites to work their way through at this point, but with two games left for each team in the group, plenty can happen. There are a few in the UC Cup field that had Greece making a tournament run, but after their showing today, I'd be shocked if they made it through the group.

On a side note...Time to kick the Brits ASSES!!!! I would gladly take 16th in this competition for a victory today.



April 14, 2010:

The clock to the start of the World Cup is ticking... For more information on the game and entering the group, go here.

Let me know if you have any questions about it - I'm guessing this one will be pretty straight forward though..

Feel free to swing by the message board and post something about yourself though (or others). Or just talk about the weather. Or maybe that everyone else in the league is dumber than you. Don't really care, just use the message board.

Later folks.


January 13, 2010:

Alright guys, the World Cup game has been released by ESPN and I have set up the group to join...as the countdown clock above shows, you are under 150 days to join it! If you do not yet have an ESPN user name and password, you will need to create one. For more information on the game and entering the group, go here.


January 11, 2010:

Fellas, the opening game will be the World Cup Bracket - the bracket will not need to be completed until early June. Within the next few days I will be sending you out the notification to enter the game. You will not need to complete your bracket until June, but might as well get it done soon and then go back and edit it if you need to. It would suck to start out with a 0 in the first event. Until then, feel free to head over to the message board to keep Alan company.



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